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Ian Rankin's Rebus's Scotland with photographs by Tricia Malley and Ross Gillespie, collectively known as broad daylight, an evocative and stunningly produced book highlighting the places that inspired the settings in Edinburgh and beyond for the Inspector John Rebus novels. Partly autobiographical Ian Rankin explains where he comes from and what his inspirations are. Photographic prints are available commercially and as limited editions, some accompanied by quotes from the Rebus novels. These original fine art photographic prints are available for purchase for anyone interested in photography, in Rankin’s Rebus, in Edinburgh or in Scotland.



The wealth of a nation can be calculated in many ways. When it comes to national expression it is normally cultural, artistic, intellectual or historic values that are most celebrated. This set of images is different. In 2005 the Entrepreneurial Exchange commissioned portraits of the members of its Hall of Fame for a celebratory book and subsequent exhibition. These portraits represent the entrepreneurial wealth of the country with each individual having made a significant impact on modern contemporary Scotland.
Photographers Ross Gillespie and Tricia Malley are a unique partnership. They work as a single entity when undertaking their portraiture. Their hallmark is painstaking research and preparation prior to a single shot being taken and this is reflected in the quality of their award-winning work. This approach was paramount in capturing the essence of Scotland’s entrepreneurs.



As part of HomeComing Scotland, this unique and contemporary portraiture exhibition celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. as others see us features twenty of some of todays most noteworthy Scots reflecting in their own words the life, works and importance of Scotland's most famous poet.
The sitters come from many different backgrounds and include, amongst others, Neil Gillon an Ayrshire farmer, Edwin Morgan, Aamer Anwar, Peter Capaldi, Denise Mina and Eddi Reader.

The exhibition was launched at the Scottish Parliament on 21st January – 14th February 2009 and is now touring.

Click here for Further information including the full venue list and examples of all the portraits.

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