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Robert Burns Eddi Reader sitting for 'as others see us'Janice Galloway sitting for 'as others see us'Neil Gillon sitting for 'as others see us'  
  as others see us   as others see us   as others see us  

An exhibition to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns and the Year of Homecoming, 2009.
Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard, has an unrivalled place in the affections of the people of Scotland. He is also known all over the world. His birthday on 25 January is celebrated in Burns suppers, and the words of his poem ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is sung in a spirit of reconciliation and friendship at the last stroke of midnight on the last day of every year in every Continent. The poetry of Robert Burns, both in Scots and English, has become an important part of Scottish national identity. His personality, democratic and generous, has also become an ideal for many Scots.
The photographers Ross Gillespie and Tricia Malley have marked the Homecoming celebration by making a series of portraits of prominent Scots and adopted Scots. Each sitter has been asked to respond to a quotation from Burns, and to reflect upon the continued relevance of Burns in modern Scotland.
The resulting portraits and commentaries, brought together in this exhibition, make for a celebration of contemporary Scottish culture, and a reinforcement of the values and aspirations that found their perfect expression in the poetry of Robert Burns.

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• 21st January – 14th February 
The Scottish Parliament Edinburgh

• 21st February – 14th March 2009
Gallery & Art Museum, Inverness

• 18th March - 22nd March 2009
Stanza Festival, St Andrews

• 21st March – 18th April 2009
St Fergus Gallery, Wick

• 25th April – 23rd May 2009
Swanson Gallery, Thurso

• 30th May – 27th June 2009
Iona Gallery, Kingussie

• 4th July – 31st August 2009
Town Hall, Kirkcudbright

• 8th August - 8th November 2009
National Galleries, The Mound Edinburgh

• 10th September - 1st November 2009
Duff House, Aberdeen

• 26th September - 12th December 2009
Dick Institute Art Gallery, Kilmarnock

• 29th November 2009 - January 2010 Scotland House, Brussels

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Aamer Anwar – Human Rights Lawyer
Alex Fergusson – Presiding Officer, Scottish Parliament
Alex Salmond – First Minister of Scotland
Andrew O’Hagan – Novelist
Christopher Brookmyre – Novelist
Denise Mina – Novelist
Eddi Reader - Musician singer and songwriter
Edwin Morgan – Scotland’s Poet Laureate
Hardeep Singh Kohli – Author and Broadcaster
Janice Galloway – Novelist
Jim McColl – Entrepreneur, Clyde Blowers
Liz Lochhead - Poet and playwright
Neil Gillon – Ayrshire Farmer
Patrick Doyle – Composer
Peter Capaldi – Actor
Peter Howson – Artist
Professor Janice Kirkpatrick – Designer, Curator and Writer.
Professor Sir Ian Wilmut – Scientist
Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor – Clan Chief
Sir Moir Lockhead – Entrepreneur, FirstGroup Plc

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