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Malcolm MacGregor by broad daylight - Click for larger image  

The words I have chosen from Robert Burns sums up what I hope people feel when they journey not only to the Highlands but to Scotland in general. That whenever they visit there is a highland welcome in store, in the finest tradition of highland hospitality.

This is part of the ambience of being in Scotland. Warm and friendly greetings have always been part of our culture which comes, in part, from our clannish identity and idea of community spirit.

Over the years many people have ventured to Scotland in search of their roots or simply to soak up the atmosphere of dramatic glens, glistening mountain tops, wild rivers, beautiful gardens, remote graveyards and old castles from a more distant period. The idea of a highland welcome reflects that feeling of affinity and connectedness, which exists between Scots wherever they may be in the world.

The clan system such as it is, is a worldwide phenomenon, unique to Scotland, being based on mutual kinship and a shared history. For those who make the long journey to their homeland, there will always be that special highland welcome, which so invigorated the great bard himself when he was on the road all those years ago.

Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor - Clan Chief

Text © Malcolm MacGregor


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Malcolm MacGregor by broad daylight 'as others see us'

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The Highland Welcome      

When death's dark stream I ferry o'er
A time that surely shall come;
In Heaven itself I'll ask no more,
Than just a Highland welcome.

Robert Burns